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The Best Local SEO Services for Dallas, Fort Worth Small Business

What is Local Search for Small Business

As a small business in a sea of competition, you need a helping hand to distinguish yourself from your competitors better. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an efficient way to market your small business online in front of the right audience.

The foundations of local search for small businesses include mobile-friendly websites, website quality, website authority, guideline compliance, review acquisition, and gaining a competitive edge over the competition. For such an advantage, mastering local search requires a strong foundation, which begins with your website and content.

How it Helps Businesses to Get Leads

Google is the premier platform for local search engine optimization for small businesses. According to their reports, the past two years have witnessed a 500% increase in “near me” searches online. Consumers want local businesses.

Local Search Optimization for Small Business

To better understand how Local SEO helps your business, you need to think like a consumer. When you require a plumbing service, for example, you want a local company that can be at your home fast. When you search for such a company, Google’s algorithms introduce you to select options within your town/county.

In Short, that’s how local SEO can get you valuable leads.

5 Key Steps in Local Search: How to Do It

1. Ensure your website is mobile and conversion-friendly

According to Statista, current mobile traffic is 51.51%, and for some sites, it gets to 60% or even 70%, and the prediction is “between 2016 and 2022, the traffic generated by smartphones will increase by 10 times.” Given this data, you cannot ignore the need for a mobile-friendly site.

Not having a mobile-friendly site can cut your conversion rate by half, and that is a significant loss of business.

More recently, Google moved to mobile 1st index from the original desktop index, which means Google will now index a page based on how that page appears.

So, first off, start with a mobile-friendly site. We do exactly that, so you don’t have to worry. Give Ryan a call at (817) 795-5050.

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2. Optimize your Google My Business and bring in good reviews

Every local business owner wants to rank high on Google Maps and the local pack of organic search queries in Google.

Here is a gem; if your business is not listed in Google My Business, you are not even eligible to show up on Google Maps and in the local pack of organic search.

Just listing your business in GMB is not enough to rank high because competitors might be already there, and it is likely their GMB listing is optimized better than yours.

Ensure your business is listed in Google My Business and it is fully optimized. Call us today to discuss your local SEO strategy.

3. Make sure your local presence is intact: No inconsistencies or confusion

Don’t forget; Google isn’t the only solution. There are many more local markets where customers actively seek vendors.

Have you ever visited Yelp? Have you ever asked Siri to buy you something?

You get the point.

Yelp alone received 195 million in organic traffic, and 99.9% of traffic to Yelp is local. As a business owner, you certainly don’t want to miss your share of that. The thing is, there are at least 100 other sites where customers are looking for potential vendors. You need to make sure your business is listed in all these sources with the correct information.

Make sure you appear in voice search. Contact us to get a free local presence audit for your business or just fill out the form below to get an instant report.

Also, don’t forget, local presence is a ranking factor of Google.

4. Produce quality local content

Not just general content, but local content is more engaging, and for a local business website, producing locally targeted content is crucial.

As a locally owned and operated business, you want to help local people as you know the area and its problems firsthand

Make sure your website’s content is locally optimized. Remember, good content is an excellent ranking factor.

5. Acquire backlinks to your domain

Last but not least, get backlinks to your domain. Good backlinks are a positive ranking factor in Google.

Have a strategy in place to acquire backlinks regularly.

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