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+ What is remarketing or retargeting?

Remarketing, or also known as retargeting, is the advertising tactic of having a text or visual display ad follow you around after you have visited the website or looked at a specific product. This is done by inserting a cookie on your web browser while you are on that particular website. I is a great way for a business to continue showing a product to you long after you have left their site. It gives multiple opportunities for a conversion or sale and is great when used in markets that tend to have long buying cycles.

+ What is social media marketing?

Social media advertising is based on the same concept of “pay-per-click”. In most cases you do not target your ads toward a keyword search like you would on Google. You target via interest or even job titles. A great example would be, showing an ad on Facebook for a company that has an online sports memorabilia store, we would target people who are interested in “sports” or “football jerseys”. Social media marketing can be done on all of the popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Pinterest. This is another great tool for businesses to use that brings a very low cost and a high return on your investment

+ What is Google AdWords and paid advertising and how does it help my business?

Paid digital advertising is a generic term for paying search engines and social media plaforms a cost to run an ad on their platforms. The most common platform would be Google AdWords. Every time you “Google” something you can see ad results at the top of the search result before you see the “organic listings” below. These ads are run on the Google platform and are a great way to drive business to your website or landing apge. In most cases you “pay-per-click” of that ad. For example, we want to show an ad when someone searches for “dallas roofing company” we have the ability to show in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place ad posititon on that search result. Each posititon has a different cost associated with it, if you want first place you will pay a premium if someone clicks on your ad and so on and so forth. How does Google know when to show your ad? That is based on the keywords or search terms you are bidding on. For “dallas roofing company” we may say we will pay $7 dollars to show up when someone searches that phrase. The company down the street may say they want to spend $8.00 on that keyword phrase. Google then knows to show their ad above ours because they are willing to spend more for the click of the ad. Paid ads can be run on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and many more platforms. The ads are tailored to your business and when someone clicks on them we can send them directly to your website to call you or fill out your online form.

+ What is Google Analytics?

Google offers a service that tracks all types of website traffic. The service is provided for free by Google, but proper implementation is needed. With analytics, website owners and managers can view traffic to the entire website, on a page by page basis, and make educated decisions on how to make website changes

+ What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is another free tool that Google offers for any type of business owner to assist with their local presence. With this tool, a business can expand their presence by showing up in maps for local search queries.

+ What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a type of marketing in which you pay a fee for advertisements each time your ad is clicked. Different from organic clicks, you are basically paying for a visit to your website.

+ What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method of applying various strategies to increase the traffic to your website. The goal can be to rank higher in search engine results. At Everyday Media Group, we firmly believe the ultimate goal should be conversions.

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