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Unlike PPC advertising, search engine optimization will help drive traffic to your site organically. Over time, by adding specific keywords that your clients search for to the articles, videos, and pages on your website, more customers will find you.

Our team at Everyday Media Group will get to know your Fort Worth business and help come up with an SEO strategy that will get your company noticed. We will work to get your company on the first page of search results. Most people do not scroll past the first page of results when performing a search online, so it’s important you rank as far up as possible.

When creating an SEO plan, we optimize several aspects of your digital business. We look at many areas, including duplicate content, title tags, relevant keywords, the SSL certificate, blog titles, backlinks, and more. We also look at local listings for your competitors so that we can understand how to maximize your presence. SEO is very important for your business, but it can be difficult to understand. By working with professionals, like us, you can ensure a solid strategy.

SEO Trends of 2022 for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most sought-after services brands and companies are looking for today. This is true, especially for businesses that are starting out, considering they have to compete with the existing market.

In places such asFort Worth, SEO is in high demand because of booming entrepreneurial ventures in the county. As a Fort Worth SEO company, EveryDay Media provides services to companies across industries and enables them to reach their audience, generate leads, and convert them into loyal customers.

When it comes to SEO, it is an always-on exercise where Google dictates the best practices and trends for it. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the SEO trends of 2022 that small businesses can follow to boost their online presence, increase their visibility, and garner more attention from the audience.

AI Will Become a Crucial Part of SEO

With the insurgence of AI in almost every field, the status quo across industries is changing. With SEO, it’s no different. Artificial Intelligence provides users and audiences search results based on their own activity and the history of searches on the engine.

Due to this, brands and companies have to look at multiple optimization strategies that work with different groups of keywords instead of banking on just one group. This can be called split testing, where different groups are tested to see where a company can get the best results.

While doubling down on the best results is one way to go about this, companies can also divide resources based on the results to cover as much ground as possible when it comes to keyword groups.

Video Will Become a Mandatory Part of SEO Strategy

The medium of video has been exploding for quite some time and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, people tend to use YouTube more to understand a topic, know about a subject, or essentially anything more than an article.

This means videos should become a part of the SEO strategy by understanding two crucial things:

  1. On what platforms should there be video content, what should be the content itself, and the duration.
  2. How you can optimize videos for search.

While the answer to the first question involves a well-crafted digital marketing strategy, the answer to the second one is relatively simple. You need to put a lot of thought into the title and have a thumbnail that gives the audience what they’re looking for while also building their curiosity. Beyond all this, you can even transcribe your videos, if you can, into blogs/articles.

Voice Search is Going to Takeover

People for quite some time have been talking about how voice searches are becoming popular, but now even data and actions by giants such as YouTube suggest the same. If you simply think, what is easier: Typing a question or just saying it? You know the answer, and that’s one of the main reasons why voice searches are becoming increasingly popular.

So, ensure that while you plan your SEO strategies and create content for different platforms, you take into account voice searches and the long-tail keywords people use in them and take decisions accordingly.

Your Basic SEO Knowledge Will Continue to Be Important

Although SEO is constantly evolving, keeping in touch with your basics is one of the most crucial things to remember. Having a proper sitemap, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link-building, and more will continue to determine how your page ranks on the search engine.

Factors such as expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness also known as EAT, will be used to assess the quality of your content. It essentially determines how useful your content is, how many credible websites it is linked to, and how the website as a whole can be considered authentic.

Best practices for writing blog articles, structuring the website, working on internal and external links, and other regular activities will be the most significant part of SEO in 2022. So keep your focus on that consistently.

In fact, you can even conduct audits for your SEO strategies to see how relevant you are in the current scenario. Based on that, you can take further steps to cover gaps in your plan and improve it.

Local SEO companies such as EveryDay Media Group employ experts who can assist you with this and essentially a 360-degree digital marketing strategy as well to elevate your brand on the internet.

Long-Form Content Will Become Crucial

While the internet and social media platforms are moving towards short-form content for videos, blogs, and any other medium, research shows that long-form content will take over in 2022.

Content longer than 3000 words tends to be shared more across various social media platforms, and as a result, they perform better. This means the ranking for such content will increase.

Brands and companies should look at topics and subjects that will stay relevant for the longest time and create long-form content on those topics. This way, they can increase the shareability aspect and increase their ranking on the search engine.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a thriving hub for Pay Per Click (PPC) services, with its providers playing a critical role in fostering business growth in the digital realm. These expert agencies leverage the power of targeted advertising to help businesses in Fort Worth attract and engage their potential customers, enhancing brand visibility and accelerating online sales. With their robust, data-informed PPC strategies, they ensure measurable outcomes, maximizing return on investment and establishing a significant digital footprint for their clients.


While these are the major trends of 2022, others, such as increased e-commerce facilities, mobile-first websites, and more, will dictate the SEO landscape. The best way to stay ahead of the curve and on top of your SEO game is to consult professionals such as EveryDay Media Group 

We offer a comprehensive SEO strategy for your brands and companies across platforms and enable you to increase your reach amongst the audience. You can reach out to us on our contact page to know more.

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, Everyday Media Group has helped businesses across the USA acheive online success since 2016. Reach out to us when you're ready for digital growth and an amazing customer experience!

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