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What’s Coming in 2020 for Lead Generation? Year End Update

What happened in 2019 with the Lead Generation Digital Marketing Agency?

In this post, we will report the lead generation trends in 2019 that Everyday Media witnessed as well as the most important digital marketing trends we see for 2020. Learn how the team will be incorporating all of those 2020 trends into our client’s lead generation efforts.

So what happened with Everyday Media? The team expanded in 2019. We got some big clients on, which means we needed a little more talent around the office. In short, it was a team-building year. The one thing the team was most excited about was the giant whiteboard installation in the office. That means that all of our creative thoughts can become awesome creative campaigns for you.


Getting new clients is exciting, not just for us at Everyday Media, but for you, the clients that already exist.

Every time we get a new campaign going, we get opportunities to experiment and do things that collect more data, we get more proven processes going. We learn more about the customer that you’re trying to attract and more ways in which those leads convert. We’re able to all-around pass the information from one strategy that’s working over in one part of the country and then replicate it in another part of the country, see if it works well there also. The more ads we run, the better we understand lead behavior, especially as it changes from season to season!

General trends for lead generation in 2019 included seeing a huge surge in the importance of social media.

Social media is not just the place to “go and collect” leads, because a lot of the leads there are more passive. They’re not super-motivated like when they come in through a search phrase channel and through keywords on Google for example. But social media advertising is still a very important strategy if you want to reach a large number of people.

For example, if you want to build your brand, bring more awareness to your business, and become more of a presence in the area that you’re trying to really rock it out in, then a social media campaign is a cost-effective method of accomplishing this.

A retargeting campaign is another strategy to try on social media, especially with a Facebook ad that shows to anyone that was a visitor to your website, (where your Facebook tracking pixel needs to be placed). Another strategy would be to offer something for free that is easy for leads to claim by messaging your business’s page. Once that conversation is started, getting more information about what the lead is looking for will be very valuable for understanding who your ad is resonating with.

What will be most important for lead generation in 2020?

Moving ahead into 2020, SEO is still going to be very important, especially in the Google My Business area where you rank on the Google Maps. You still want to have a strategy in place so that you’re staying in that “Google three-pack” as we like to call it.

SEO for real estate investors

SEO is still important, but…

Search Engine Optimization is still valuable, especially the local SEO and Google My Business, but the ad space is also equally important. Google has increased the number of ads that appear on the front page. Getting into those ad spaces with a pay-per-click campaign or some sort of Google Ads campaign is going to be very valuable here in the future. Where in the past, there were only two ad spaces, three tops. Now, it’s pretty much half of the front page.

Google Ads Management

One thing that’s changed with the Google algorithm is it’s really focused on page speed and website page loading times. If your website is not loading quick enough, and there are all sorts of things that can go into a slow loading page, Google no longer cares about the excuses. They want to see fast page speeds.

That’s why over here at Everyday Media, we are really focusing on loading speed for our client’s websites.

Web pages that load lightning-fast not only help with keeping the visitors to your website from leaving because it’s taking too long, otherwise known as “bouncing.” (How many times have you left a website because it’s taking four extra seconds to load?) With a faster loading website, you’ll be rewarded by the algorithm. Your website could bump up a few spaces on the search rank because it’s loading super-fast, so that’s something we’re very focused on here at Everyday Media for 2020. We’re making sure our client’s sites are at the forefront of what Google wants so that you remain high ranking. Check your site speed here.

Voice Search Optimization will be very important for lead generation in 2020.

Voice Search Optimization 2020

What is voice search optimization?

Voice search optimization is an SEO strategy that capitalizes on the growing trend of voice search use. With most mobile devices capable of hands-free voice search nowadays, and the rise in popularity for smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice search will continue to be an adopted trend we see search engines getting better at, known simply as a “voice search revolution.” 

How do you know if your site is optimized for voice search, especially local voice search?

Properly incorporating location words into title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and anchor text, and more are part of the voice search optimization strategy for your service business. If you have a good company working on your SEO already, then there’s a chance they are already optimizing your site for voice search with the best practices.

Along with accurate metadata and cleaned-up business listings online (something our free SEO Audit will identify), a new content strategy will be needed.

Relevant content that addresses phrases that locals would be speaking into their phones or smart speaker will go a long way for getting your company into a featured snippet, which voice searches favor to answer questions asked by searchers. A focus on blog content that addresses questions and provides concise answers will go a long way in helping leads find your business as the solution to their problems. Phrases that end in “near me” are a majority of the most asked questions.

How do you know if you need voice search optimization services?

You’ll need voice search optimization services if you are a local service business and you haven’t already begun to optimize your website and business listings for voice search. By 2020, 50% of all searches across the internet will be voice-based. Voice-based searches using a mobile phone are 3 times more likely to be location-specific. Do you know the top question asked by your customer? Does the answer to that question have its own blog post on your website?

What does this mean for your local service business? You’re behind on the trend and need to make voice search optimization a priority if you want to benefit from mobile search traffic finding you.

Ask your phone or smart speaker “find x service near me,” and listen to which businesses are listed. Try a few variations of the question if the first results don’t seem to match up with your initial question. Voice search is still new and the algorithms are changing to favor natural language. If you’re a big player in your area, but you are not being listed by the voice search results, contact us to see how we can help.

If you’re a real estate investor, in 2020 what you can expect from Everyday Media is an easy-setup real estate investor website.

Normally, our custom websites takes 4 to 6 weeks to get started and running. We’re building a platform so that it will take just a matter of minutes to get your real estate investor website up and ready to collect motivated seller leads.

Investor Nitro Real Estate Investor Websites

This concept is called Investor Nitro. When ready, it will make it easy for real estate investors to create a website that has real estate investor SEO and proven lead-converting design in order to attract motivated seller leads.

It’s also going to include incredible resources for real estate investors. We find that there’s not a lot of specific marketing material for the real estate investor. There’s a lot of generic marketing helpful guides out there. We’re taking it upon ourselves here at Everyday Media to create something specific to the real estate investor because we love you guys and you’re such a big part of our clientele. Look forward to that in 2020.

We’re looking to continue expanding company talent into 2020.

We expanded the talent here at Everyday Media in 2019 and we are continuing to do so in 2020. If you think you have what it takes to come onboard a digital marketing agency, if you know a little bit about marketing and you want to work for the lead generation marketing agency here in Dallas/Fort Worth (the only one worth talking about anyway), come on down to Everyday Media Group. We could be looking for you!

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