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5 Reasons Why Paid Search Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

5 reasons why paid search should be part of your marketing strategyMany online marketing strategies shifted away from paid search and towards content marketing. While content marketing is an incredibly
valuable online marketing technique, it isn’t the only technique relevant today. A well-rounded marketing strategy should still contain paid search, for a variety of important reasons.

1. PPC Campaigns Have a Broader Audience

Pay-per-click campaigns can be developed to reach out to as broad an audience demographic as you desire. Whether you’re in a niche
area or have a more general website, you can target the keywords and categories that you have an interest in growing your business in. This is unlike other forms of marketing, such as magazine ads, which will naturally have a specific audience.

2. PPC Campaigns Can Be Adjusted Quickly

PPC campaigns are often tested and adjusted on-the-fly to test out audience temperaments. Through a PPC campaign and analytics, you can learn quite a bit about what your audience demographics are interested in and what you could market directly to them. As you adjust your PPC campaigns, you can then use that knowledge to build out your other marketing campaigns, such as print advertising and video advertising — advertising areas that simply cannot be adjusted that quickly.

3. PPC Campaigns Augment Your SEO

When a marketing campaign is just starting out, it can take some time to build out search engine optimization and relevancy. During this time, PPC campaigns can be used to either build out existing SEO or get a head start on new SEO campaigns. PPC campaigns are essentially a pay-for-traffic avenue; you will get as much traffic as you can invest money in.

4. PPC Campaigns Build Brand Awareness

It’s known that many consumers have to interact with a company multiple times before conversion, and that each interaction will increase the chances of conversion. Simply by seeing a PPC campaign in a search query, an interaction can be completed. If a user clicks the ad, even better. The user will now feel more confident when purchasing later on, even if they don’t purchase directly through the PPC campaign. In this way, PPC campaigns can support all other campaigns.

5. PPC Campaigns Are Highly Visible

PPC campaigns naturally build awareness. PPC campaigns can be displayed on major search engines, thereby giving exposure to the brand to individuals that would not have otherwise experienced it. This can be a tremendous benefit for companies who are just starting to build their brand, in addition to businesses that want to expand their reach to new demographics.

The more diverse your online marketing campaign is, the more likely you are to build a strong and consistent audience. While different marketing strategies can be used as standalone strategies, most of them are able to complement one another to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. If you need help executing a PPC or online marketing strategy that works best for you, contact the experts at Everyday Media today for a free consultation!

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