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Best Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors

Direct mail remains one of the best channels for real estate investors. But it’s also a competitive one. Many neighborhoods receive a significant amount of direct mail from interested investors — and they need to be able to identify the investors who are most trustworthy…

6 Tips for Writing Blogs for Your Small Business Website

Nearly every business website nowadays has a blog. There are many reasons for this — from getting clicks and impressions to boosting keyword and domain authority to turning visitors into conversions. But if you’re one of the many small business website owners who’s tasked with…

5 Reasons Why Paid Search Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Many online marketing strategies shifted away from paid search and towards content marketing. While content marketing is an incredibly valuable online marketing technique, it isn’t the only technique relevant today. A well-rounded marketing strategy should still contain paid search, for a variety of important reasons. 1. PPC…

The Importance of Reviews for SEO

Any well planned SEO strategy should include an array of on site and off site strategies. Not any two websites are alike, but I believe there are a few must have strategies that every website should use. Right now I am seeing wonderful results with…

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